Creative Domain Name Generator. 3500+ Catchy Unique Ideas For Websites and Blogs

By | January 8, 2019

How to find creative, catchy domain name ideas for your new website or blog? There’s an innovative domain name generator SuggestMeDomain. This domain generator uses 3500+ words vocabulary for different categories. To generate brand domain names choose BrandPrefixSuffix, BrandWords1, BrandWords2 categories. None category generates different TLDs (Top-level domains), most popular .com .net .org. info .biz; also .uk .discount .review .me .biz .club .deals. checks domain availability.

If you want to generate niche domain names – choose category, which is related to your niche. Choose Affiliate to generate domain names list for affiliate website.

How to choose a domain name?

Domain name is much more than just a website identifier on the web. Even a combination of three or four letters can immediately make it clear for the visitor whether he needs to visit website or not. When you choosing a domain name, most site owners rely on existing examples and come up with something similar.

When choosing a domain name, it’s important to determine the purpose of the site for which the domain will be registered. It’s recommended to choose a combination of your first and last name. A domain name for corporate website may contain the name of the company or describing what it’s all about. If your company plans to open a company on the Internet with a well-known brand, the correct solution will be a domain name that coincides with this brand. When choosing a domain name, it is important that domain name is short and memorable.

.com, .net or .org domain zones are the most popular international domain zones among them.

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