Best Ways to Get .Edu and .Gov Backlinks

By | March 13, 2021

A few years ago, getting a .edu or .gov backlink was considered a real SEO gem, as this could dramatically increase your website’s page rank. After all, we’re talking about some incredibly powerful backlinks, from authoritative sources.

Sure, there is a lot to debate about this, since Google’s Matt Cutts revealed that the search engine doesn’t treat such backlinks, coming from these domains, differently, while a lot of SEO professionals feel otherwise.

Nevertheless, one thing is sure: even in 2019, these still remain a valuable resource and there are some ways to get some. Still, be warned: it’s not that easy and it does take time.

Obtaining a .gov link requires a long-term approach. After all, we’re talking about websites belonging to government institutions and nobody will mention you, then add a link, over there for no reason.

One of the most common approaches is to look for opportunities on local .gov websites. For example, you can use the following strategy:

Find your city’s government website and look for departments, commissions, or offices, dedicated to the economic development of the area or local companies.
Try to find at least one company that has a backlink on the company’s website already. You should find one, don’t worry.
Then comes the interesting part: find a contact email, then reach out and ask for a backlink

Of course, what you’re going to say in the email when you’re reaching out to local authorities, it’s up to you. Just put your imagination at work and look for any detail that could help you come up with a message that’s convincing enough to get you the link.

Also, this is just an example, since you can also obtain state .gov backlinks, as well as federal .gov backlinks, which can be even better for your business!

Moving on, let’s talk about .edu backlinks as well, as these are excellent for diversifying your backlink profile, but also give your website an authority boost.

A lot of people think that such backlinks come just from college webpages, but the truth is that they are wrong since there are quite a few ways of obtaining some.

By far, one of the best things you can do is to look for resource pages, which are actually lists of backlinks relevant to the topics of a website or, obviously, the interests of both students and teachers.
Everything you need to do is take some time and research on google, using the following query:

Site: .edu <your keyword of choice> + inurl:resources

In most cases, you will find tons of .edu websites to which you can reach out and – again, it’s up to you to come up with something – pitch them your idea of an awesome article, which can provide value for their readers!

So, you have the foundation. Are you ready to start ‘hunting’ for .gov and .edu backlinks?

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