Best Ways to Make Money From YouTube in 2020

As the rate of inflation is increasing year by year the need to make money is also increasing with the same rate, these days money making is not only the job and need of adults only in fact most of the young people are also making numerous efforts to pitch into some sort of work that may help them make some money.

Well, there are different aspects of money making and so as different techniques people use for this purpose, and among them the concept of online earning has been taking a toll specially for students, teenagers and women who look after house and need to add some share in their financials. Well, keeping aside the other techniques of money making a very common platform which is very helpful in this regard is none other than YouTube. People have been making thousands of dollars out of this platform as the viewer base of YouTube is enormous and so as it keeps increasing on a regular basis. However, there are different ways YouTube may prove being of some help to you in terms of making money a few of such techniques may include the following ones:

Buck-up Your Old Money Generating Website

We all know this thing very well that many of the best money generating blog were hot by different Google updates and till now they are not in a position to regain their market share and the same level of earning back again. However, in this case YouTube may be of much help to you, if you have any such website you need not to worry and just transport some of your old blog content in the form of a video and post it on YouTube with the link of your website. You may get many viewers and visitors back and your earnings may improve in no time.

Sell Your Products Thorough YouTube

Many online businesses create a product of their own for example some homemade masks, oils and other such products which need to be sold. You can make videos with such products explaining their usage and results and link them to your sales page which may be a website or a Facebook page through which people may make purchases, this entire activity may help increasing your graph of sales.

Create and Float Tutorials

These days the concept of tutorials is increasing like anything and many businesses have been sharing an insight to their business and knowledge via these tutorials. You may create your own makeup or hijab tutorials and share them online leading to boost your page and channel and if you are in such business you may attract a number of prospective clients for future services through this activity.

These are the easiest and the most common techniques people use in order to make money through YouTube however, there are a certain other thing for instance affiliate marketing, creating own channel, crowd funding and sponsorship which is also helping much in order to make money out of this platform and many emerging stars and public figures are coming out of such techniques now.

Top 10 Ways to Get High Authority Quality DoFollow Backlinks in 2020

It’s been a while since this entire SEO concept is around and backlinks are still considered the most important element of every campaign. As the years passed and the algorithms changed, marketers came with new ways of obtaining backlinks, adapted to the changes Google made. And no matter how hard the search engine giant made it sometimes, a few creative ways of getting that precious connection to a powerful website appeared.

Today we’re taking a bit of time to discuss the state of backlink building in 2020, as well as a few of the best ways to get backlinks in an era in which everybody says that content is king and the only way of doing it is to write well. As a side note, we’re not denying this, but there are also a few easy ways through which you can score a nice, valuable backlink. But enough with the chit-chat, let’s begin!

Write a lot!

Ok, since we already started talking about content marketing, let’s begin with this method. The first thing you should have in order to get some great backlinks is content. After all, nobody wants to link to a site which doesn’t have anything on it, right?

However, compared to a few years ago, when 300-word articles were good enough to attract backlinks, things changed a bit. Everybody wants to link to niched content, that analyses a topic in-depth and covers all of its aspects, but also ranks higher in search engines. Keeping it short, go for at least 2000 words – if possible – articles, with loads of images, which provide valuable information to the reader.

PS: Make sure you format it properly since nobody likes reading huge chunks of text!

Share on social media

Believe it or not, link building through social media is by far one of the most popular methods. But how you can obtain good links using social platforms, you’re asking? Well, it’s a bit complex, but not complicated at all.

Specifically, you start with finding your audience on social media, then find patterns in your popular content, by looking at which type of content you share gets the most engagement. From this point, it’s easy: you create high-quality content in the same niche, so it triggers your audience’s interests.

After you have the new pieces of content, share it and promote it. If done properly, your audience will reshare it or even put it on their own websites, mentioning yours.

Comment on other blogs

Yes, this method still works. However, things changed a bit. Comment on do follow blogs, but only if they are relevant to your own blog. Also, don’t resume to just one-liners, since your comment can be considered spam.

Lengthy comments are always appreciated if they provide value, not to mention that nobody will say anything if you insert a link somewhere in the comment.

Web 2.0 accounts all the way!

Another simple, yet effective way to create backlinks nowadays is to rely on Web 2.0 accounts. Here you can insert a link directly to your website and if it comes from a highly rated source, the value of the link increases!

For starters, try Tumblr, WordPress, or even Blogger. They’re free websites where you can create a profile! Obviously, the list can go on with several other examples!

Create business citations

If you’re not familiar with this term, let me explain this simply: a business citation is a mentioning of the name of your business online. Addresses and emails also work, as it helps users and search engines to find both your business and the product/service it offers online.

Just like Web 2.0 accounts, you can start with a few basic business citation sites, which get automatically submitted to Google. Some great examples are Manta, Hotfrog, MerchantCircle, or Superpages.


Sticking to creating profiles, can be a great way to have your site added on a high-quality website and also get a backlink.

The process is very simple: you just register, add some quality content – related to your site, mandatory! – then put a link back to your site as well. And yeah, this is pretty much it.

Use the Moving Man Method

Combining content marketing and broken link building, this method, created by Backlinko’s Brian Dean is helping a lot of site owners to correct a broken link for them and get you a valuable, high-quality backlink.

In a nutshell, you start with finding sites which change their names in time or were even shut down and don’t exist anymore. Then, you find all the sites linking to the old page and proceed with creating similar, high-quality content, which can be linked.

After you’re done with the content, get in touch with the website owners, let them know about the broken link and, finally, give them your new link, replacing the old content. And voila, you got a quality backlink, from a related website!

Broken link building

If you ask yours truly, broken link building will never go out of fashion, this is why it’s recommended here. After all, pretty much any website, including big, reputable ones, suffer from broken links.

Simply put, each link from a website originally links to another page. However, since some websites often move their content around, some of these links eventually break or point to web pages that don’t exist anymore.

Therefore, the method consists in finding broken links on other websites, identifying the content they were originally linking to, then contact the website, offering them the chance to replace their broken link with a valid one. Obviously, the content will be on your site. It’s a win-win strategy, as the site owner will have fewer broken links and you will get a high-quality backlink!

Create infographics

There’s no doubt that infographics are one of the most-shared pieces of content on the Web. After all, there are even sites dedicated to public such types of content, so it’s obvious that they’re a big thing!

The main reason why infographics perform so well is that they have big chances of going viral. Nobody likes to read 5000 words when they can get the same information from a well-made infographic.

If you don’t have the skills required to create one from scratch, you can always go to Fiverr or Upwork and hire a designer to make one. Just jot down all of your ideas and wait until it’s done. Then, put it on your website, alongside an embedded code, so anybody who shares it will automatically link to the website they got it from – yours. And you never know who will share it!

Guest blogging will never die

Last but not least, let’s talk about one of the most popular ways of getting valuable links: guest blogging. Sure, getting a high-quality backlink using this procedure is not that easy. Yes, there are tons of websites accepting articles, but you’re after some big names, right?

The idea is that you need to start by selecting websites in your niche, on which you would be interested in publishing your articles, then pitch your article to them. And this is where the entire magic happens: your pitch should be so convincing that no website will say ‘no’ to publishing your article.

After you have an agreement, start writing the best content you can and have it published on a website which accepted your offer. Depending on their submission rules, you will also include a backlink to you. Oh, and the content is so good, it will also be shared and even curated by other websites. And you know what this means? That’s right, way more backlinks for your website!

This method will take time since not everybody responds after the first email and you’ll have to follow-up. However, at the end, when your guest post is up and you see all that engagement, it will surely be worth it.


And this pretty much sums it up, folks. It took us a while, but we’ve been through some of the best ways to get backlinks in this article.

We like to believe that we covered some of the most efficient and popular methods here, which will genuinely help you get some great backlinks. Obviously, we’re aware of the fact that there are way more methods through which backlinks can be obtained, so this is why we’re inviting you to join the conversation.

Let us know, using the comment section below, which methods worked for you! Looking forward to reading your stories!

How to Get More Views and Subscribers on Youtube Fast and Easy

Ok, so you are caught up by this entire vlogging craze and decided to start your first YouTube channel. That’s an excellent idea as it’s the perfect environment to connect with viewers from all over the world and, why not, start a new path in life. Still, it won’t be easy at all.

Every YouTuber knows that there are two important elements influencing the success of a channel: the number of views and the number of subscribers. And none of these are easy to get, especially when you’re a beginner. But what if we told you that we have a few tips for you guys, which can help you boost your subscriber and view count, after uploading just a few videos? Sounds good, right? Well, let’s see how it can be done.

Stick to a publishing schedule

Some of the most reputable YouTube publishers, Graham Cochrane, founder of “The Recording Revolution”, considers that in vlogging, publishing frequency is always key.

Basically, one of the best things you can do is to make a lot of content and make it consistently. This frequency will help you retain subscribers, but also gain you new ones.

Just think of your favorite TV show: you do expect new episodes every week, right? Well, your current subscribers expect a new video every week, while potential new ones will always be impressed by your consistency and his the subscribe button.

For starters, publish four videos per month, one per week, and you should see new subscribers coming!

Get straight to the point

It is well known that channels and videos with increased watch times are more likely to turn up in search results and recommendations. And guess what? This automatically means more views and subscribers for your channel.

In order to increase your watch times, we have a few tips which you can use when creating your video since this is where it all starts!

The first seconds of your video are the most important, so get straight to the point of the video, in order to maintain your viewers’ attention. Therefore, shorten your intros and all that flashy music themes, then make sure that the first seconds of the video hook viewers.

Use catchy thumbnails

It’s been a while since YouTube added the possibility of uploading a custom thumbnail, so you can make a summary of the video in one image, let’s say. And we’ve all been there at least once: clicking on a video just because of the thumbnail.

Thumbnails, alongside the title, attract viewers. Still, don’t get too wild and create clickbait thumbnails, as your current subscribers might not like them and unsubscribe.

Use searchable titles

As a side note, YouTube is also one of the biggest search engines on the web, so creating searchable titles is a mandatory condition for beginners. Specifically, make sure you insert relevant search terms – according to your nice – in both the title and description.

With such a title, users looking for a specific video can easily come across yours and eventually click on it, if it’s appealing enough. Oh, and the above-mentioned thumbnail will contribute to this a lot.

Promote your channel in Facebook Groups

Getting started can be pretty tough, but, fortunately for you, there are a few places where you can attract potential subscribers and Facebook is one of the best examples.

Specifically, we’re talking about Groups, which group people with the same interests. Simply start by searching your keyword in the Facebook search bar, then go to groups. Then, join some of the biggest you found and promote your channel. Attention, though! Don’t be a spammer. 1-2 messages per week should be more than enough to let members know about what you’re doing.

And this wraps it up, ladies and gents. Below you have five easy to apply tips, which can help any beginner (and not only) get more views and subscribers on YouTube. Let us know what are your thoughts on this and, of course, share with us any other tips you used in the past and obtained some great results! The comments section is waiting for you!

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online 2020. Most Profitable Freelance Jobs

While it’s true there’s no clear cut way to make “easy money” online, it is possible to make substantial earnings through the internet, and for those that remain dedicated long enough may even be able to leave their 9-5. But don’t resign just yet, this can take one to two years or more! Let’s check out 10 of the most popular, efficient ways to legitimately make money online.

1. Article Writing – This one should look relatively familiar. Writing articles online is really an endless world of opportunities, and while it can seem intimidating to find direction in this market, there are alternatives and solutions to get started. First, consider exploring and even working part-time or temporarily for a site like UpWork. It’s not hard to register, and should slowly expose you to the world of online ‘independent contractor’ work through writing website content, such as articles. If it doesn’t seem to you, or you want to explore more then check out website contractor work platforms like FIVERR – another great place to familiarize yourself with article-writing gigs, how to learn the prices, and the quality that demands them per the current market.

2. Blogging (Sell Adspace)– Many people might confuse this with article-writing, though, they’re not necessarily so different. In fact, many of the articles you write online and sell will wind up on someone’s blog – like a WordPress. On the flipside, consider opening up your own blog and using a service like WordPress to maximize functionality, developmental convenience, and to kick off potential profits sooner than later. Once you develop an even semi-popular blog, by picking a popular topic that perhaps others don’t cover, or can’t cover in the same style as you, then it’s time to branch out, and consider investing in “ad space”. Selling AdSpace or using services like Google AdWords can make you profit simply by people visiting your blog, clicking, or buying products through the links you post on your blog!

3. Call Center – A lot of people might underestimate this type of opportunity, and for good reason. While there’s definitely a large share of fake call center jobs on the internet, places like UpWork as mentioned previously do indeed have legitimate jobs like this. Also, if you live in the United States companies verifiably have openings for at-home or “remote” positions where you can work for businesses like Apple or Xerox from the convenience of your home. Adequate research is a must, consider feedback from others, and check out sources like Glassdoor or Yelp to review the validity and reputation of each prospective company you consider.

4. Customer Service At-Home – Much like the call-center jobs and gigs mentioned above, temporary, part-time, and contract work as a customer service agent is considerably plentiful on the internet. It really comes down to going with the right company or using the right source website or business that has a positive reputation for connecting prospective employees to employers. On a very important side note, though, avoid services or ‘middleman’ services and websites like this that charge any type of ‘fees’, as there are plenty of legitimate ones online and off that don’t.

5. Fiverr – As briefly mentioned above, Fiverr is an awesome place to start for those new to the online working class, and actually has many more job opportunities than just blogging or writing articles. There’s nearly any task you can think of on this site, and making $5 could be as simple as doing a 30-second recording session for a business advertisement.

6. Transcriptionists and Translators– While slightly unrelated, there are a substantial amount of both independent contractor translator and transcriptionist jobs available throughout the internet. The hiring employers or companies may range from various companies, and an at-home reliable computer, microphone, and sometimes specialized software should be expected as necessary.

7. Buy and Sell items online (“flipping”) – Whether you’re best at selling items on Ebay and Amazon, or think you’re up to the task of (safely) buying and reselling items off of Craigslist for a profit – the internet is your ‘oyster’. But seriously, there are tons of ways to make money selling items online, and you might be surprised with how valuable or even worth a few bucks things around your house are worth that you might no longer use or at least willing to part with. While it’s no easy task to “buy low sell high” off of any of the sites, especially considering the competitiveness of major resellers like Amazon and Ebay, if you put your mind to it anything is possible – and don’t be afraid to do your share of research, review tutorial videos, and other available resource materials online to make the most of your time and efforts.

8. Contract Programming – Are you good at IT-work, into software engineering, or have a willingness and quick learning ability to study and practice computer programming? Then read on! Studying, learning, and practicing fixing and writing code and programs in major computer languages such as Java, C, C#, C++, or Python can be extremely profitable, and you never know, you might land a contract job to design the world’s next most popular and successful app!

9. Contract Website Design – Whether it’s graphics, CSS specialty, HTML, or other forms of image management, from advertising and marketing to coding, there are endless legitimate resources on the internet for picking up contract website design work. Elance is one good example, as is DigitalPoint, and several other major success and well know websites that specialize in advertising such jobs. As always, research and due diligence before agreeing to work are critical, but you may be surprised to how much money you can make off of something you enjoy doing best- website designing and maybe even management one day or a Webmaster gig!

10. Freelance Website Marketing and SEO Specialty – As we briefly touched on above, although last but by no means least, becoming an independent contractor (or contracted and salary) Freelance Website Marketer or SEO specialist can make you a really good income, easily allowing you to live off of, and perhaps buy that car you’ve always wanted. But seriously, those that have experience, learn the ropes, and know what they’re doing can do quite well for themselves, and this is a considerably – in comparison to others –rather consistent and profitable direction to go for working and making money online.

Passive income: A regular job can give you a fixed income as long as you continue to work. Depending on your marketing skill Affiliate marketing can create a steady flow of income even when you are not in front of your computer.

Work from home: If you make enough money then you don’t have to worry about going to work at the same time everyday or getting stuck in traffic. You can work in the comfort of your own home.